Create practical beauty from wood by using the natural warmth and beauty of nature's purest material straight from the tree

All of my designs are original and each piece is unique. Some of the designs are crafted in traditionally seasoned wood but much of what I make is from green wood, straight from the tree. Green wood can be made into fine joinery or be made in a more rustic construction. The wood I use is sourced locally, and I can usually identify the exact location of the tree from which the wood has been taken!

Green wood can be made into a wide range of furniture which can be both practical and beautiful. The range can include furniture for both your home or garden.

Have a look at my Green Woodcraft Gallery and what you will see are examples of the type of furniture that I can make from green wood. All of my work is bespoke. I do not carry any stock. Everything is made to order, but I limited by the available supplies of green wood.

If you have in mind any particular piece of furniture that you would like me to make then, why not check my contact details and give me a call or drop me a line to discuss your requirements. I hope I can help.